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The Scottish Council for Development and Industry (SCDI) is an independent membership network, which strengthens Scotland’s competitiveness by influencing Government policies to encourage sustainable economic prosperity.  It is a broad-based economic development organisation, with membership drawn from Scottish business, trades unions, public agencies, educational institutions, local authorities, and the voluntary sector.

SCDI Annual Review 2012/13
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SCDI Annual Review 2011/12
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The Scottish Council for Development & Industry:
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  is an independent, non political, not-for-profit organisation
  funded by members’ subscriptions determined by a voluntary subscription scale

has a unique membership base of circa 1200 organisations involving key personnel from the primary, manufacturing and service sectors, universities and colleges, unitary authorities, trade associations, professional bodies, arts organisations, local enterprise companies, the churches and trade unions.


is an all Scotland body with offices in Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness


has activities throughout Scotland and also in London

Current Activities:
  Public policy
  Government Affairs
  International Trade
  Business Information
  Education-Business Links
  Membership Relations & Networking
A Little Bit of History...
SCDI’s history is rich as a pioneering organisation in many fields of activity.
SCDI spearheaded the attraction of overseas manufacturing investment into Scotland in the late 1940s. It embarked on a campaign to attract companies from the United States – the first time a European country had pursued such a course. SCDI was also responsible for:
creating the first industrial estate in Scotland
publishing seminal reports on regional policy and development of industry
and, more recently, the introduction of enterprise activities into primary and secondary schools.
SCDI has also been a pioneer in the development of Scotland’s international business links, organising a programme of trade missions which stretches back as far as 1960. Almost 370 trade missions have been organised since then, to more than 50 markets worldwide and involving over 6,000 participants.

Today, SCDI is engaged in public policy issues, economic research and business information. It coordinates a network of around 700 young engineers’ clubs to encourage young students interested in engineering, science and technology. SCDI also organises a sizeable programme of events from flagship conferences and dinners to informal networking opportunities.

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