SCDI Influencers' Dinners

SCDI launched its programme of Influencers’ Dinners in September 1998 as a means of providing members with the opportunity to meet and hear key speakers from both the public and private sectors in relaxed surroundings conducive to informed discussion. 

Since then over 200 such dinners have been held throughout Scotland.  The principal guest is invited to speak under the Chatham House rule for around 20 minutes, after which a wide-ranging discussion is encouraged.  Normally, attendance ranges from 40 to 50 senior representatives of SCDI’s membership. 

In addition to the corporate sector, guests are drawn from the Scottish Parliament, local authorities, the trades unions the voluntary sector and academia.

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Quotes from recent attendees

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Influencers' Dinner with Colin Mair, Chief Executive, Improvement Service at One Devonshire Gardens. It was a fantastic venue and I made some good contacts.”

- Shirley McNabney, Membership Director, Institute of Customer Service

“SCDI's Influencers' Dinner with Dr Malcolm Reed, Chief Executive, Transport Scotland was very interesting.  A very well selected speaker, well versed in his subject and prepared to be open and honest in his responses. Well done yet again.”

-Graeme Archibald, Director, Johnstons

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Influencers' Dinner with Cheryl Black, Customers Services Director, O2, and certainly took a lot from the event.  It was great to hear Cheryl talk about her Customer Service experience as this is what my role entails on a daily basis.”

- Stewart Barnett, Head of Customer Service and Customer Research, Kwik Fit Financial Services


“I found the Influencers' Dinner with LINC Scotland to be very informative and well organised and I gained a new customer during dinner which is always nice!”
- David Traill, Director, Watercoolers (Scotland) Ltd

“It was a most enjoyable evening with excellent company and conversation”

- Jane Todd, Head of Scottish Affairs, General Medical Council

“Thank you for a worthwhile dinner, these are useful events.  I particularly enjoy attending at different parts of Scotland”

- Joan Aitken, Traffic Commissioner for Scotland