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SCDI Press Releases
Any media enquiries or requests for further information on any SCDI press release, should be directed to Gareth Williams on 07917 103997.
2013 & 2014 Press Releases:
3 Feb 2014 High Speed Rail Scotland Partnership - Release re High Speed Rail Phase 2 Consultation
17 Jan 2014 SCDI announces appointment of Scottish Cities Alliance Strategic Director
17 Dec 2013 Airport capacity increase must meet the economic needs of the whole of the UK
1 Nov 2013 SCDI Welcomes Joint Study into High Speed Rail
26 Sept 2013 Dr Marcus Richards, Dana Petroleum plc, to Deliver SCDI Annual Lecture 2014 in Aberdeen
13 Sept 2013 SCDI Appoints New Chief Executive
26 Aug 2013 Plan For Growth, Scottish Businesses Urged
23 July 2013 Survey Highlights The Importance Of Air Connectivity
16 July 2013 Skills Pulse Survey 2013 - Scottish Businesses Looking To Expand
28 May 2013 Report Summarises Business Views & Priorities In Scottish Constitutional Debate
17 Apr 2013 Global Thought Leaders Gather In Edinburgh for SCDI Forum
16 Apr 2013 All Sides Must Address The Economic Questions
In The Constitutional Debate
20 Mar 2013 SCDI Response to the Budget
27 Feb 2013 SCDI appoints Bill Drummond as Chair
28 Jan 2013 SCDI comment on HS2 Phase Two announcement
18 Jan 2013 SCDI calls for improvements to North-East travel links
8 Jan 2013 SCDI comment on North of Scotland Rail Investment
2012 Press Releases:
27 Dec 2012 SCDI New Year Message - Future Scotland:Future Growth
10 Dec 2012 Business will fly off if air links get worse
14 Nov 2012 The Best of the Best in Scottish Business Recognised
23 Oct 2012 Go for growth or a generation of young will suffer
17 Oct 2012 SCDI comment on Aberdeen Western Periphal Route decision
1 Oct 2012 Private sector and cities join forces to create force for growth
20 Sept 2012 SCDI comment on the Draft Scottish Budget
30 Aug 2012 Firms targeting success converge on Convention
24 Aug 2012 Gold medallist welcomed to Glasgow
7 June 2012 SCDI comment on Diageo investment
31 May 2012 SCDI announces appointment of Scottish Cities Alliance director
23 May 2012 SCDI evidence to the Scottish Parliament Finance Committee on Youth Employability
20 May 2012 SCDI appoints Lady Susan Rice as President
4 May 2012 Scottish oil & gas exports increase by 4.5% in 2010/11
1 May 2012 Glasgow businesses celebrate million pound trade visit success in the USA
18 April 2012 SCDI comment on employment figures
4 April 2012 SCDI welcomes consent for Viking Wind Farm
23 March 2012 SCDI welcomes launch of Nigg Academy
21 March 2012 SCDI response to The Budget
14 March 2012 SCDI welcomes appointment of John McClelland as permanent Chair of SDS
14 March 2012 SCDI congratulates Perth as Scotland's seventh city
8 March 2012 SCDI comment on Green Investment Bank
7 March 2012 SCDI raises concerns over proposed additional burdens on Scotland's salmon industry
2 March 2012 SCDI comment on Union Terrace Gardens referendum result
29 Feb 2012 SCDI comment on AWPR legal decision
13 Feb 2012 SCDI and Glasgow City Council Trade Visit to Chicago and New York
10 Jan 2012 SCDI comment on High Speed Rail announcement
10 Jan 2012 SCDI comment on Emirates Airline's investment in Scotland
2011 Press Releases:
29 Dec 2011 Scotland's cities can further their success in 2012
16 Dec 2011 SCDI welcomes launch of Scotland's Cities shared agenda
14 Dec 2011 Business support for Scottish high-speed rail
29 Nov 2011 SCDI welcomes increased capital investment but raises concerns about Scotland's air route
22 Sep 2011 SCDI comment on the Scottish Spending Review
11 July 2011 China's Ambassador to set the seal on historic alliance
29 June 2011 SCDI response to the Christie Commission
13 June 2011 Scottish Oil and Gas Supply Chain Sales 2009/10
31 May 2011 Businesses Celebrate Million Pound Trade Visit Success
19 May 2011 Six Cities unveil shared vision for Scotland
05 May 2011 Scotland's local authorities and energy industry to launch green energy revolution
15 April 2011 Ed Miliband and Iain Gray meet oil and gas industry at SCDI meeting in Aberdeen
23 March 2011 SCDI responds to the budget
21 March 2011 Scotland needs a budget for growth and for young people
10 Jan 2011 SCDI announces Low Carbon Energy Review
4 Jan 2011 Changes to SCDI Highlands & Islands Committee
2010 Press Releases:
23 Dec 2010 SCDI New Year Message
23 Nov 2010 SCDI Comment on Migrant Cap
17 Nov 2010 SCDI Comment on Scottish Budget
20 Oct 2010 SCDI Response to the Comprehensive
Spending Review
19 Oct 2010 SCDI comment on the Strategic Defence
Review announcement
8 Oct 2010 Civic and business leaders announce Scotland's first National Convention for Business
23 Sep 2010 SCDI celebrates 50 years of pioneering international trade visits
22 Sep 2010 SCDI comment on Ofgem transmission charges review
21 Sep 2010 Oil & Gas UK warns against jeopardising investment by limiting migration
22 Jul 2010 SCDI Welcomes Business Role for Foreign Office
16 Jun 10 SCDI Launches Blueprint for Scotland
12 Apr 10 Scottish Oil and Gas Sales Topped £15bn in 2008/09
24 Mar 10 SCDI Response to the Budget
23 Mar 10 SCDI calls for "Scottish Trade Centres" overseas
11 Mar 10 SCDI’s 2010 Forum and Economic Summit Re:wiring Scotland
06 Jan 10 Welcome for Beauly-Denny Decision
2009 Press Releases:
29 Dec 09 New Year's Message from SCDI Chief Executive
21 Dec 09 Green Light for Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route Will Unlock North East's Economic Future
10 Dec 09 SCDI Appoints New President and Chair
09 Dec 09 SCDI Response to Pre-Budget Report
07 Nov 09 "Team Scotland" Must Be Bolder in Global Ambitions
07 Nov 09

BP honoured at Scotland’s international awards

07 Nov 09 International Award for University of Edinburgh
22 Oct 09 Bank of England Senior Team Tour Glasgow's East End
19 Oct 09 Treasury Listening on Oil & Gas But Must Act
09 Oct 09 SCDI Response to OFGEM Energy Report
08 Oct 09 Scottish Government Minister Leads SCDI Trade Visit to India
07 Oct 09 SCDI Comment on SSE Announcement
19 Sep 09

SCDI Welcomes Lena Wilson Appointment at Scottish Enterprise

18 Sep 09 Business of the Year Award for Marine Harvest
15 Sep 09 Award Winning Salmon Exporter Eyes New Markets
09 Sep 09 SCDI Backs High Speed Rail Link Campaign
27 Aug 09 SCDI Response to High Speed Rail Link
21 Aug 09 Call for U-Turn on A82 Closure
20 Aug 09 Tesco Personal Finance Announcement Welcomed
18 Aug 09 Digital Britain Delays Will Put Businesses at a Long term Disadvantage
13 Aug 09 Partnership Tackles Unemployment in Highlands
13 Aug 09 SCDI Response to CCS Bid Announcement
03 Aug 09 Call for Scottish Government to Support New International Air Links for Highlands & Islands
30 Jul 09

Salmon industry brings £290m to Highlands and Islands economies

27 Jul 09 Nominations Open For 10th Highlands & Islands Business Awards
22 Jul 09 SCDI Response to GDP Figures
14 Jul 09 Janette Harkess Appointed as SCDI Policy Director
02 Jul 09 Businesses Told to Prepare for Swine Flu
01 Jul 09 SCDI Repsonse to Manufactured Exports Figures
30 Jun 09 SCDI Response to Scotland's Energy Future
30 Jun 09 SCDI Comments on UK Offshore Oil & Gas Report
15 Jun 09

SCDI Response to Commission on Scottish Devloution

26 May 09 SCDI Launches 2009-10 Trade Mission Programme
20 May 09 Green Energy Can Deliver Green Shoots of Recovery
01 May 09 SCDI Response to Scottish Governement Carbon Capture and Storage Announcement
30 Apr 09 The Very Real 'Green' Shoots of Recovery
26 Apr 09 Budget Unlocks £3.4 Billion Boost to Scottish Energy Sector
22 Apr 09 Chancellor Right to Invest for the Future
09 Apr 09 SCDI Response to MPC Announcement
19 Mar 09 MPs to be Warned of Growing North Sea Jobs Threat
17 Mar 09

Scotland's Manufactured Exports Drop for First Time in Three Years

09 Mar 09 Secretary of State to Lead SCDI Trade Mission to China
02 Mar 09 Scottish Oil and Gas Industry Posts 10 Per Cent Increase in Sales
05 Feb 09 Bank of England Must Look At All The Options
03 Feb 09 First Minister Launches BusinessClub Scotland
28 Jan 09 Scottish Economy Shrinks Faster Than UK
23 Jan 09 SCDI Response to GDP Figures
21 Jan 09 SCDI Chairman Welcomes Scottish Enterprise Appointment
19 Jan 09 SCDI Reacts to Banking Announcement
15 Jan 09 SCDI Says Heathrow Third Runway Vital to Scotland's Economy
08 Jan 09 SCDI Welcomes Interest Rate Cut
07 Jan 09 Interest Rate Cut an Essential Part of 'Recession Battle Plan' - SCDI
2008 Press Releases:
28 Dec 08 New Year Message from SCDI
17 Dec 08

SCDI Response to Competition Commission Inquiry into BAA Airports

10 Dec 08 SCDI Comments On Scottish Government Transport Announcements for North East
10 Dec 08 SCDI Response to Strategic Transport Projects Review
09 Dec 08 Major Independent Study Says Scotland Can Beat 2020 Renewables Targets
04 Dec 08 SCDI Response to Interest Rates Cut
04 Dec 08 HIE Economic Support Plan Welcomed
24 Nov 08 SCDI Welcomes Pre-Budget Support
11 Nov 08 SCDI Welcomes Sir Ian Wood's Vision for Aberdeen City Centre
11 Nov 08 MPs Told Heathrow Expansion Vital to Scotland's Economy
06 Nov 08 SCDI Welcomes Decisive Cut in Interest Rates
05 Nov 08 SCDI Urges Further Cut in Interest Rates
03 Nov 08 SCDI Welcome Trump Decision
30 Oct 08 Chevron Vice Chairman to Address SCDI Annual Lecture
17 Oct 08 £76M Economic Boost Thanks to SCDI Trade Mission Programme
07 Oct 08 SCDI Urges MPC to Act Now
06 Oct 08 SCDI Response to Renewable Energy Framework
22 Sep 08 First Minister to Hear Views on HBOS Merger
19 Sep 08 Now is the Time to Invest in the Success of the North East, says SCDI
04 Sep 08 Industry Body Calls On Scottish Exporters to Speak Up
20 Aug 08 SCDI Comment on Competition Commission Report
03 Aug 08 SCDI Commissions Independent Study On Scotland's Energy Future
23 July 08 SCDI Response to GDP Figures
18 July 08

SCDI Adds To Chorus of Concerns Over Local Income Tax

03 July 08 "Bureaucratic" New Immigration System May Fail To Meet North Sea Skills Needs
05 June 08 SCDI Response to June MPC Announcement
28 May 08 SCDI Welcomes Start of M74 Construction
23 May 08 Inverness Meeting to Discuss Businesses' Public Contracts Concerns
19 May 08 Scottish Businesses Head for Turkey
08 May 08 Interest Rate Freeze the Right Decision - SCDI
01 May 08 SCDI Urges Commission to Work with Scottish Government to Improve Ferry Services
29 Apr 08 Scottish Government Food Policy Missing Key Ingredients - SCDI
23 Apr 08 SCDI Responds to GDP Figures
22 Apr 08 Competition Commission Yet to Demonstrate Case for New Airport Operator - SCDI
21 Apr 08 SCDI Hits out at Lewis Windfarm Refusal
16 Apr 08 SCDI Calls for More Joined Up Planning Framework
10 Apr 08 "Rates Cut Will Maintain Positive Sentiment" - SCDI
09 Apr 08

SCDI Calls For Interest Rate Reduction to Maintain Scottish Investment and Confidence

14 Mar 08

SCDI: Education Supply Must Match Needs of the Economy - Success in Priority Industries Depends on Right Balance of Skills

12 Mar 08 SCDI Reaction to 2008 Budget
14 Feb 08 SCDI Welcomes Green Light for M74
07 Feb 08 SCDI Welcomes Interest Rate Cut
05 Feb 08 Scottish Oil & Gas Industry Sales Hit Record High
23 Jan 08 SCDI reaction to GDP Figures
2007 Press Releases:

2006 Press Releases:


Government Affairs

SCDI has an active government affairs programme designed to ensure that policy-makers in Edinburgh, London and Brussels know and understand the views of our members on issues of economic development.  This ranges from high profile events and meetings with Government Ministers, to written submissions on technical issues affecting certain sectors of our membership. 

For further information please get in touch.