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  Policy Papers: 2005

23 Dec 05 

The Scottish Executive on the Water Environment Charging Scheme 2006  (11-05/06) 


21 Dec 05

The Scottish Executive and SEPA on Sustainable Management of Waste from Business and Public Sector Organisations in Scotland  (10-05/05) 


19 Dec 05

The Scottish Executive Consultation 'Towards a National Transport Strategy for Scotland - Rail Priorities'  (09-05/06)


08 Dec 05 

The Scottish Parliament Local Government and Transport Committee Inquiry into Freight Transport in Scotland  (08-05/06) 


30 Nov 05

The Scottish Executive and the Department of Trade and Industry with the report into Scotland's international activity in the oil and gas sector  (07-05/06)


23 Nov 05 

The European Commission regarding State Aid for Innovation  (06-05/06) 


07 Nov 05 

The Home Office on Selective Admission: Making Migration Work for Britain  (05-05/06) 


31 Oct 05 

The Scottish Executive Minister for Enterprise and Lifelong Learning with SCDI's Survey of Scottish Manufactured Exports 2004/2005  (04-05/06)


27 Oct 05 

The Scottish Executive Minister for Transport on the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route  (03-05/06) 


28 Oct 05 

The British Airports Authority Scotland on the Glasgow Airport Outline Master Plan  (02-05/06) 


19 Oct 05 

The DTI on Proposals to Adjust Transmission Charges for Renewable Generators in the North of Scotland  (01-05/06) 


30 Sep 05 

The Commissioner for Public Appointments in Scotland on the Code of Practice for Ministerial Appointments to Public Bodies in Scotland Consultation  (51-04/05) 


28 Sep 05 

The Scottish Executive on its White Paper on Modernising the Planning System  (50-04/05) 


23 Sep 05 

The Water Industry Commissioner on the Strategic Review of Charges 2006-2010: The Draft Determination  (49-04/05) 


23 Sep 05 

BAA on the Edinburgh Airport Outline Master Plan  (48-04/05) 


20 Sep 05 

Joint Letter to the First Minister on the Scottish Executive White Paper on Modernising the Planning System 


14 Sep 05 

The European Commission Consultation on the State Aid Action Plan "Less and Better Targeted State Aid: A Roadmap for State Aid Reform 2005-09"  (47-04/05) 


01 Sep 05 

Postcomm on its Initial Proposals on the 2006 Royal Mail Price and Service Quality Review  (46-04/05) 


31 Aug 05 

Minister for Education and Young People on Determined to Succeed  (45-04/05) 


26 Aug 05 

Minister for Transport and Telecommunications with views on the future of HITRANS  (44-04/05) 


17 Aug 05 

The SQA on the Withdrawal of Higher and Advanced Higher Subjects  (43/04-05) 


22 July 05 

HM-Treasury with views on the Aggregate Levy  (42/04-05) 


20 July 05 

Scottish Parliament Environment and Rural Development Committee Inquiry into Economic Development in 'Accessible Rural Areas'.  (41-04/05) 


19 July 05 

Scottish Executive on the Tolled Bridges Review - Phase 2 Consultation  (40-04/05) 


12 July 05 

Ofgem regarding Energy Prices  (39-04/05) 


8 July 05 

The Financial Services Authority regarding the Minimum Guarantee Fund for Insurance Companies  (38-04/05) 


10 June 05 

Scottish Parliament European and External Relations Committee Fresh Talent Initiative Inquiry  (36-04/05) 


31 May 05 

Scottish Executive Enterprise, Transport & Lifelong Learning Department on Cross Border Student Flow: Higher Education Tuition Fee Levels  (35-04/05) 


23 May 05

Scottish Parliament Environment and Rural Development Committee on Water Environment (Controlled Activities) Regulations (34-04/05)


29 April 05 

Minister for Finance and Public Services on the Proposed Smartcard Platform to provide Public Service and its ability to Support Additions to the Range of Services  (33-04/05) 


27 April 05 

Ofcom on its Review of Public Service Television Broadcasting Phase 3: Proposals for the Nations  (32-04/05)


21 April 05

Ross Finnie MSP Minister for Environment and Rural Affairs on Development Constraints - Water and Wastewater Infrastructure  (31-04/05) 


13 Apr 05

Glasgow City Council citing its objections in response to proposals for the introduction of parking controls in a number of districts in the West of City Centre (30-04/05) 


13 Apr 05 

Scottish Parliament Enterprise and Culture Committee in response to its inquiry into Sustainable Business Growth  (29-04/05) 


04 Apr 05 

Highlands and Islands Enterprise on A Smart, Successful Scotland - the Highlands and Islands Dimension  (28-04/05) 


04 Apr 05 

The UK and Scottish Parliamentary Leaders with SCDI's Policy Agenda 2005  (27-04/05) 


02 Apr 05 

Minister for Finance and Public Service Reform on Non-Domestic Rates  (26-04/05) 


03 Mar 05 

The Chancellor of the Exchequor on Budget 2005 and the Pre-Budget Report  (25-04/05) 


02 Mar 05 

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs on the Review of the UK Climate Change Programme (24-04/05) 


28 Feb 05 

The Scottish Executive Minister for Enterprise and Lifelong Learning with SCDI's Survey of Scottish Manufactured Exports 2003/04  (23-04/05)


21 Feb 05 

Strathclyde Passenger Transport on the Glasgow Airport Rail Link (22-04/05)


19 Feb 05 

The Scottish Executive Environment Group on the Review of the Scottish Climate Change Programme (21-04/05) 


15 Feb 05

The Women and Work Commission on Tackling the Gender Pay Gap (20-04/05) 


26 Jan 05

The Scottish Parliament Environment and Rural Development Committee Inquiry into Climate Change (19-04/05)


19 Jan 05 

The Scottish Executive on Scotland's Transport Future:  Proposals for Statutory Regional Transport Partnerships(18-04/05) 


14 Jan 05

Response to the Cultural Commission on Stakeholder Consultation Phase 2 (17-04/05)


05 Jan 05

SCDI response to OFGEM on transmission investment (16-04/05)








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