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  Policy Papers: 2012
Dec 2012 HMRC on the verification of Scotch whisky
Nov 2012 Scottish Government's Procurement Reform Bill Consultation
Oct 2012 UK Department for Transport on its Draft Aviation Framework
Oct 2012 Scottish Government on Proposals for a Better Regulation Bill
Oct 2012 Response to the proposed backbench bill - the Lobbying Transparency (Scotland) Bill
Oct 2012 Scottish Funding Council on development of a Single Office of Knowledge Exchange
Oct 2012 Scottish Government on Access to the UK's Hub Airport from North Scotland
Oct 2012 The Scottish Parliament Education and Culture Committee on its scrutiny of the Draft Scottish Budget
Sept 2012 Response to Safeguarding Scotland's Resources
Sept 2012 Response to Scottish Government's "Scotland's Sustainable Housing Strategy"
Sept 2012 Response to Department for Transport on East Coast Main Line
Sept 2012 Investing in and Paying for Your Water Services From 2015
Sept 2012 Water Resources (Scotland) Bill
Aug 2012 SCDI follow up letter to EC Energy Commissioner on Offshore Health & Safety Regime
Aug 2012 Taking forward a land and buildings transaction tax
Aug 2012 Finance Committee on scrutiny of the Draft Budget
Aug 2012 SCDI response to Integrated Framework of Environmental Regulation and Covering Letter
July 2012 Response to Migration Advisory Committee on Tier 2 Codes of Practice
July 2012 Aberdeen Airport Master Plan Consultation 2012
June 2012 Streamlining the Planning System Consultation
June 2012 SCDI letter to EC Energy Commissioner
May 2012 Local Government & Regeneration Committee inquiry into Unoccupied Property Scotland Bill
May 2012 SCDI evidence to Finance Committe on Employability
May 2012 SCDI written evidence to the All-Party Aviation Group "Maintaining the competitiveness of the UK in global aviation" Inquiry
April 2012 SCDI response to the Draft Ferries Plan
Mar 2012 Scotland the Hydro Nation: Prospectus and Proposals for legislation
Mar 2012 Scotland Office on the Referendum
Mar 2012 Scottish Government on the Referendum
Mar 2012 SCDI response to Aquaculture & Fisheries Bill consultation
Mar 2012 SCDI response to the Scottish Parliament's Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee review of the Scottish Government's renewable energy targets
Feb 2012 Transport Scotland on Rail 2014
Feb 2012 Project Transmit - Options for Change
Feb 2012 Edinburgh-Glasgow Improvement Programme








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