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Oct 13 DECC on Additional Support for Scottish Island Renewables
Apr 13 Scottish Government's 'Lower Carbon Buildings'
June 12 SCDI letter to EC Energy Commissioner
Mar 12 SCDI response to the Scottish Parliament's Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee review of the Scottish Government's renewable energy targets
Feb 12 Project Transmit - Options for Change
Sept 11 SCDI submission on the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre
June 11 Letter to UK Government Energy Minister on Oil & Gas Exports and Recent Tax Changes
June 11 Letter to Scottish Government Energy Minister on Oil & Gas Exports
March 11 SCDI Response to Building a Hydro Nation
Feb 11 SCDI Response to Securing the Benefits of Scotland's Next Energy Revolution
Nov 10 SCDI's Response to Ofgem on it's "Independent and Open Review of Transmission Charging"
Nov 10 Viking Wind Farm on Shetland
Sep 10 DECC and Ofgem on Offshore Electricity Generation - The Enduring Regulatory Regime
July 10 Review of Intermittent Generation Charging
July 10 Scottish Government Low Carbon Economy
Apr 10 SCDI response to the Renewable Heat Incentive Consultation
Nov 09 The Department for Energy and Climate Change on 'Improving Grid Access'
Oct 09 The Scottish Government on its consultation into ‘Low Carbon Vehicles and Alternative Fuels.’
Jul 09 National Grid on ‘Transmission Charging – A New Approach’
Apr 09 Charging Consultation Document GB ECM 18: Locational BSUoS Charging Methodology
Mar 09 The UK Parliament Energy and Climate Change Committee on its inquiry into 'The Future of Britain's Electricity Networks' - Mar 09
Mar 09 The UK Parliament Energy and Climate Change Committee on its inquiry into 'UK Offshore Oil and Gas'
Mar 09 Survey of International Activity in the Oil and Gas Sector 2007/2008
Feb 09 Supporting Investment - A Consultation on the North Sea Fiscal Regime
08 Dec 08 The Scottish Government and Forum for Renewable Energy Development in Scotland (FREDS) Framework for the Development of Renewables in Scotland (45 - 07/08)
25 Nov 08 Response to the Scottish Government on Proposals for Improving the Energy Performance of Existing Non-Domestic Buildings (44 - 07/08)
03 Oct 08 Response to Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform: Consultation on UK Renewable Energy Strategy (37 - 07/08)
16 Aug 08 The Scottish Parliament Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee on Determining and Delivering Scotland’s Energy Future (35 - 07/08)
09 July 08 The Chancellor of the Exchequer on the impact of current high fuel prices on business and industry in Scotland (29 - 07/08)

30 Jan 08

Securing a Sustainable Future: A Consultation on the North Sea Fiscal Regime (14 - 07/08)


30 Sep 07

The Scottish Government on the Clyde Wind Farm (28 - 06/07)


30 Jul 07 

Ofgem in response to its consultation on Zonal Transmission Losses - the Authority's "Minded-To" Decisions (26 - 06/07) 


 26 Jan 07 

The DTI on its Reform of the Renewables Obligation Consultation  (14-06/07) 


11 Dec 06 

The Scottish Executive and the Department of Trade and Industry with the Report into Scotland's International Activity in the Oil and Gas Sector  (08-06/07) 


2 Nov 06 

The Communities Minister on Scotland's Indigenous Coal Industry and the Planning System  (06-06/07) 


12 Oct 06 

The Scottish Executive on its Scottish Planning Policy 6: Renewable Energy Draft Consultation  (03-06/07) 


4 Oct 06 

The European Parliament Committee on Industry, Research & Energy on a European Strategy for Sustainable, Competitive & Secure Energy  (02-06/07) 


7 Aug 06 

The Scottish Executive on the Review of the Renewables Obligation (Scotland) - Support for Wave and Tidal Power  (29-05/06) 


13 April 06 

The DTI energy Review Consultation: Our Energy Challenge - Securing Clean Affordable Energy for the Long Term  (21-05/06) 


24 Jan 06 

Ofgem Non-domestic Supply Market Review  (13-05/06) 


13 Jan 06 

Highland Council Draft Renewable Strategy Consultation  (12-05/06) 


30 Nov 05 

The Scottish Executive and the Department of Trade and Industry with the report into Scotland's international activity in the oil and gas sector  (07-05/06) 


19 Oct 05

The DTI on Proposals to Adjust Transmission Charges for Renewable Generators in the North of Scotland  (01-05/06)


12 July 05 

 Ofgem regarding Energy Prices  (38-04/05)


05 Jan 05

SCDI response to OFGEM on transmission investment (16-04/05)


29 Oct 04 

SCDI Submission to the DTI Consultation on A Carbon Abatement Technologies Strategy for Fossil Fuel Power Generation


26 Jan 04 

SCDI Response to the Scottish Parliament Enterprise & Culture Committee regarding Renewable Energy in Scotland (27-03/04) 


9 Dec 03 

Letter to The Secretary of State for Defence regarding Renewable Energy & the Ministry of Defence (20-03/04) 


27 Nov 03 

Letter to The Secretary of State Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs regarding EU Energy Chapter (13-03/04) 


7 Jul 03 

Letter to DTI regarding Energy Policy and British Energy (29-02/03) 


28 Feb 03

Letter to Ofgem regarding the Consultation on Electricity Distribution Losses (17-02/03)


18 Feb 03

SCDI response to the Department of Trade and Industry, Licensing and Consents Unit regarding the "Future Offshore" Consultation Document (13-02/03)


28 Nov 02

SCDI Response to the Scottish Executive, Energy Division, regarding Scotland's Renewable Energy Potential - Beyond 2010 (3-02/03)


13 Sept 02

SCDI Response to Department of Trade & Industry consultation paper "Energy Policy - Key Issues for Consultation" (41-01/02)


30 Oct 01

SCDI Response to Trade and Industry Committee regarding Energy Policy - Security of Supply (2-01/02)








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