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  Other Submissions
Jan 14 False Self-Employment Policy SCDI Submission to HMRC
Nov 13 Scottish Parliament's Infrastructure and Capital Investment Committee on Procurement Reform (Scotland) Bill
Aug 13 Historic Scotland on Scotland's Historic Environment Strategy
Jun 13 Scottish Parliament's Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee on the Regulatory Reform (Scotland) Bill
Jan 13 Scottish Land Reform Review Group on Land Reform
Nov 12 SCDI response to the Scottish Government's Procurement Reform Bill Consultation
Oct 12 Scottish Government's Consultation on Proposals for a Better Regulation Bill
Oct 12 Response to the proposed backbench bill - the Lobbying Transparency (Scotland) Bill
Oct 12 Scottish Funding Council on development of a Single Office of Knowledge Exchange
Sept 12 Scottish Government's "Scotland's Sustainable Housing Strategy"
Mar 12 Scotland Office on the Referendum
Mar 12 Scottish Government on the Referendum
June 11 Regeneration Discussion Paper - Building a Sustainable Future
June 11 The Scottish Affairs Committee - The Crown Estate in Scotland
Dec 10 SCDI Response to Housing Policy Consultation
Sep 10 SCDI and Oil & Gas UK response to limits to non-EU migration
Apr 10 Scottish Parliament Economy, Energy & Tourism Committee on the Scottish Budget 2011-12 Strategic Budget Scrutiny
Oct 08 The Commission on Scottish Devolution (38 - 07/08)
July 08 EventScotland regarding the Consultation Draft on "Scotland : The Perfect Stage" (32 - 07/08)
May 08 The Scottish Government on its consultation: "Glasgow 2014 - Delivering a Lasting Legacy for Scotland" (26 - 07/08)

Dec 07

The Scottish Parliament Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee on its Inquiry into Tourism (09 - 07/08)


Oct 07

The Scottish Government Minister for Communities and Sport on the Review of sportscotland  (04 - 07/08)


Oct 07

The Minister of State for Borders and Immigration on Tier One of the Points based Migration System (02 - 07/08) 


Oct 07

VisitScotland in response to its draft tourism prospectus (01 - 07/08)


Aug 07 

Aberdeenshire Council on the "Trump International Golf Development" (27 - 06/07) 


Jan 07 

The Home Office on its Consultation on Establishing a Migration Advisory Committee  (15-06/07) 


 Oct 06 

The Scottish Parliamentary Leaders with SCDI's Policy Agenda 2006-07  (01-06/07) 


Aug 06 

The Scottish Federation of Housing Associations on its Sector Change Discussion Paper  (33-05/06) 


Nov 05 

The Home Office on Selective Admission: Making Migration Work for the UK  (05-05/06) 


Sep 05 

The Commissioner for Public Appointments in Scotland on the Code of Practice for Ministerial Appointments to Public Bodies in Scotland  (51-04/05) 


July 05 

The Financial Services Authority regarding the Minimum Guarantee Fund for Insurance Companies  (37-04/05)


June 05 

Scottish Parliament European and External Relations Committee Fresh Talent Initiative Inquiry  (36-04/05) 


April 05 

Minister for Finance and Public Services on the Proposed Smartcard Platform to provide Public Service and its Ability to Support Additions to the Range of Services  (33-04/05) 


April 05 

Ofcom on its Review of Public Service Television Broadcasting Phase 3: Proposals for the Nations (32-04/05)


April 05 

Glasgow City Council citing its objections in response to proposals for the introduction of parking controls in a number of districts in the West of City Centre  (30-04/05) 


April 05

Highland and Islands Enterprise on a Smart, Successful Scotland - the Highlands and Islands Dimension  (28-04/05)


Feb 05 

The Women and Work Commission on Tackling the Gender Pay Gap  (20-04/05)


Jan 05

Response to the Cultural Commission on Stakeholder Consultation Phase 2 (17-04/05)


Dec 04 

The Scottish Executive on the Review of Liquor Licencing Law in Scotland  (14-04/05) 


Nov 04 

The DPA on annuity purchase requirements for pension schemes with less than 50 members  (10-04/05) 


Oct 04

SCDI Submission to the Cultural Commission on Cultural Rights


Sept 04

SCDI Submission to OFT on Strategy and Framework for consumer Education


Aug 04

The Charities Bill Consultation on Draft Charities and Trusteee (Scotland) Bill  (49-03/04)


Aug 04 

The Scottish Parliament Finance Committee on the Cross Cutting Expenditure Review  (48-03/04) 


July 04

SCDI Submission to DTI on Fairness for All : A New Commission for Equality and Human Rights(44-03/04)


Oct 03 

SCDI Submission to the Scottish Executive Enterprise, Transport & Lifelong Learning Department on the Review of Fair Play in Scotland (06-03/04) 


Oct 03 

Letter to the First Minister, Jack McConnell, regarding Economic Migration and the "Fresh Talent" Initiative (05-03/04) 


Aug 03 

Letter to the Postal Services Commission regarding Postcomm Access Price Proposals (35-02/03)   


Jan 03

SCDI Response to sportscotland regarding Sport 21 2003-2007 The National Strategy for Sport: Time to Speak Up Consultation Document (10-02/03)


Dec 02

SCDI Response to Postcomm regarding the Consultation Document "Review of Consignia PLCs Price & Service Quality Regulation: Proposal for a Second Price Control"


Sept 02

SCDI Response to the Scottish Parliament Enterprise and Lifelong Learning Committee Inquiry into Tourism (45-01/02)


Sept 02

SCDI Response to the Scottish Parliament Standards Committee Consultation on Cross Party Groups in the Scottish Parliament


Aug 02

Presentation by Professor Jim McDonald, Chairman, Institute for Energy & Environment, Strathclyde University regarding The Energy Policy Review  - A Scottish Perspective


Aug 02

Presentation by Dr Robin Jeffrey, Executive Chairman, British Energy plc regarding The Energy Policy Review  - An International Perspective 


Aug 02

Letter to Scottish Parliament Presiding Officer regarding the Parliamentary Inquiry Timescales and Consultation Quality  


June 02

Follow Up Letter from SCDI North East Committee to Iain Gray MSP, Minister for Enterprise, Transport and Lifelong Learning regarding Oil Taxation and the Proposed Energy Intermediary Technology Institute (32-01/02)


June 02

SCDI Submission to the House of Commons Trade and Industry Committee regarding the Inquiry into Trade with China and Taiwan (28-01/02)


May 02

Letter from SCDI North East Committee to Iain Gray MSP, Minister for Enterprise, Transport and Lifelong Learning regarding Oil Taxation, North East Transport and the Proposed Energy Intermediary Technology Institute (27-01/02)


Mar 02

SCDI Response to the Scotland Office Consultation regarding the Size of the Scottish Parliament (23-01/02)    


Oct 01

SCDI Response to the Joint Performance Team - Measuring Scotland's Performance towards Smart, Successful Scotland Consultation (1-01/02)


Sept 01

SCDI Response to Performance & Innovation Unit (PIU) Energy Policy Review (43-00/01)


Sept 01

Letter to the European Commission regarding the European Working Time Directive


Aug 01

SCDI Responses to The DTI Reviews - Understanding Customer Views (39-00/01)


Aug 01

Submission to Standards Committee, regarding Statutory Registration of Commercial Lobbyist (38-00/01)


Aug 01

SCDI Response to the Scottish Parliament Inquiry - How is the Parliament embracing the CSG Principles (37-00/01) 


Aug 01

SCDI Response to the Scottish Parliament regarding the Inquiry into the Future of Europe (36-00/01) 


July 01

 SCDI Response to the Scottish Executive Statistical Plan 2001-2002  (32-00/01)


Mar 01

Letter to Wendy Alexander MSP, Minister for Enterprise and Lifelong Learning, The Scottish Executive, regarding the Proposed Closure of Aberdeen Tourist Information Centre (17-00/01)


Sept 00

SCDI response to the Consulation Paper of the Scottish Charity Review Commission


Sept 00

Letter to Sir David Wright, Chief Executive, British Trade International, regarding the
Review of the Outward Mission Scheme


Aug 00

Letter to Jack McConnell MSP, Finance Minister, Scottish Parliament, regarding the Relocation of Public Service Jobs 


June 00

SCDI response to the Scottish Executive regarding The Report of the Science Strategy Review Group   


May 00

SCDI Response to the Scottish Executive Statistical Plan 2000-2001


May 00

SCDI Response to Scottish Executive consultation paper on Appointments to Public Bodies in Scotland : Modernising the System


Mar 00

 SCDI response to Scottish Executive consultation document "A Framework for Economic Development in Scotland"


Dec 99

Letter to Scottish Executive, Development Department, regarding the Report of Working Group on Performance Targets


Nov 99

Letter to Hugh Henry, Convener - European Committee, The Scottish Parliament, on the Understanding the importance of European issues in Scotland and the role of the Scottish Parliaments European Committee


Oct 99

Letter to John Spellar, Minister of State - Armed Forces, on the retention of RAF Buchan








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